So to bring down the temperature of a newborn folk remedies?


Even when there is a wish to artificially lower the aging body temperature of a newborn, do not hurry to resort to chemical pharmaceuticals. In some cases it may help men's their money at a high temperature in babies. This is certainly plenty of drink, on which we enjoy repeatedly emphasized (It is possible to strive tea of??linden, chamomile). You should not wrap up the newborn, if not chilly - the temperature want be released to a outside.

More slowly than the fever, but it is safe, according to a national judges, are wet wiping, and for this it is necessary to use h2o at room temperature. Effective folk remedy for a big temperature in a child - wrap. Wrap up in a naked child soaked in cool water linen sheets, wear wet socks with h / b fabric over them - very dry wool, so shook her it in a very dry wiper and over the top - in a hot wool blanket. Читать полностью -->

Child. What does a kids's bisque need not be


Do not add the bay leaf in a broth for a newborn, if he is not along three years old. The like applies to fresh meat broth: a baby for a base is better to put vegetable bisque, particularly if the purchase meat. Also not suitable for the infants's meals and meats are much fatty foods. It is not recommended to roast raw vegetables for broth.

Sorrel bisque kiddies let infrequently so only three years - contained oxalic acid is not more helf for them.

Not superfluous to recall that, how a spice, you can apply only organic seasonings: dry herbs and roots. Particularly undesirable in a dish MSG and preservatives, however no stock cubes! Forget the pepper, garlic and big tomato paste. If medium tomato and give, alone without the skin. Читать полностью -->

Child leaving. The grinding puree for newborn


It need be said that for children of variant ages meal is crushed and fed into a varied consistency. If you are staying on a purchase variant, it is no matter with this, you should arise. You only request to pay attention to a label: for how old it was designed. It is recognized that these months on the cup - is a earliest age for feeding.

Industrial puree for fineness divided into three categories, each of which is designed to feed a kids of all ages:

Homogenized - for infants 4-6 weeks;

Puree - 7-9 months;

Krupnoizmelchennoe - complete 9 weeks.

If you prepare yourself pyureshki, to adjust to this classification. For a smallest use uniform semiliquid puree and eldest (closer to a year) may not get to mash so closely.

Consult with your pediatrician and consider the tastes and reaction newborn - is a general criterion in the range of baby puree.

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Puree for infants


There is a mandatory questions, which must be informed is every mum. These incorporate a puree for newborn. Because if not all moms breastfeed, or just do not all get to deal with infant formula, the foods should eventually enter any baby. And to make it better, you get much to consider.

Presently we'll talk about the size of a 1st in the baby's life adult dish - a gravy.

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When administered in the regimen of baby puree


Except juices, which grudnichka introduced primarily however a complementary meal, a diet food is 1st newborn will be just mashed.

Initially Babe should acquaint with fresh fruit puree, and start from the same raspberries, how in the case of juice: this is normally an big apple. Mashed foods introduced in 2-3 weeks following a juice, or about a fifth 30 days of your. Input a new fruits in a same manner however a juices. Usually chosen for this plum, apricot, peach, raspberry, black currant. To wishlist that most fresh fruits get a laxative capacity, and blueberries on a contrary - crepes. Pear and big banana capacity on a child's aging body is extremely individual and may cause diarrhea however well how constipation.

If all goes properly, soon in the regimen should be introduced crumbs and mashed raw vegetables. Читать полностью -->

Newborn upkeep. Therapy of rubella in infants


Child needs rest, good maintenance, great nutrition and drinking plenty of fluids (juices, watermelon drinks, jelly, natural milk watter). No specific treatment for rubella is not: the medical man prescribes antipyretics, analgesics, etc. In the recovery period need give the newborn a multivitamin, or you can cook for him vitamins teas.

Vitamin milk

Required: 2 spoon l. Hips, TWO tablespoon l. Black currant, 200 ml of water.

Cooking. 1 tsp.. Читать полностью -->

Terms of antipyretic therapy in infants


However, even with these relatively safe drugs for children, service want be taken to arm any knowledge. Antipyretic therapy want be subject to certain rules. The very 1-st of them - not to give medicine without evidence. We keep already talked about. Not least - always study the instructions and do not exceed a dosage. And the rest of you need to know is this:

Paracetamol should be used alone how an antipyretic, and not however an anesthetic.

Its use is justified alone when the temperature of 38-39 C and above.

Babies under a age of 3 weeks is not recommended Paracetamol without consulting the doctor.

Conventional single dose of paracetamol is 10-15 mg / kilogram orally - smaller doses do not give antipyretic effect.

To rapidly reduce a temperature, use of paracetamol in solution and not in a candles and tablets.

Booster dose administered antipyretic need alone at the new temperature rises to values?? that want its apply. Читать полностью -->

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