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Moms. Symptoms of rubella in babies


The latent period of rubella lasts 11 to 22 times. A sick child must be isolated until a 6th time with a beginning of the rash. So the baby's aging body temperature rises to 38-39 ° C. When the feeling can detect swelling and zadnesheynyh neck lymph nodes. These symptoms are joined runny nose, cough, sore throat, headache, photophobia. However, the chief condition of the child remains satisfactory. Of the 1-3 hours on the skin rash - red or brownish spots, about protruding with the surface of the facial skin. You first appear on the face and scalp, so spread throughout the aging body. Of the 3 - 5 hours the rash disappears. There are times when there is no rash of rubella.

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