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Breast natural milk is the most good and desirable item for the baby! But however would we need to or not, there comes a time when a child needs a new diet food. When want we input solid foods? And so is it indispensable?

For a lot of decades, Soviet pediatricians recommend introducing babies to lure, starting from 2-3 months. But numerous studies keep shown unreasonableness of such practices. Currently offer newborn new food need be no earlier than four months of age. Although a lot of doctors recommend starting only following 6 months, and in recent times the trend shifted even further.

Starting solids is aimed at increasing a supply of a body with required nutrients. To 4-month agreement of movements of a tongue and swallowing skills to promote solid meal still largely undeveloped. Intestines are not ready to produce many digestive enzymes. Newborn reflexively pushes his mouth all a "strange and unnecessary." And a teeth normally appear much later. The system of a child is not yet configured for chewing fresh food. A lure prepares it for an early weaning from the breast and the consumption of "adult fresh food." In addition, we show that the newborn's aging body does not receive the benefit with the early introduction of extract, however previously thought. But the damage caused may be considerable: with indigestion to severe allergic reactions.

Timing of a introduction of complementary foods in every case could differ greatly. But no child must not start earlier 4 weeks - be it breast or bottle-fed. Mum's milk (or adapted formula) to fully ensure proper and full progress of a child upon a first 6 months of life. For up to this time a child may digest alone breast natural milk or, at worst, a mixture, not juices, purees and cereal.

In any case, you must know that to know the newborn with new products to start with micro-doses. If a child refuses to strive unfamiliar foods or do you see it he did not same it, do not insist. Set aside an attempt at a later time.

It is highly convenient to keep a diary of complementary feeding, where you will conduct all monitoring and record a changes. Remember that every baby is unique, and a optimum timing of the introduction of complementary foods for all various. Only careful and loving mum can and need resolve when and where to start. Of course, you enjoy to listen to a council of a pediatrician, to weigh all a arguments, examine the available information to you. And be sure to follow the rules of complementary feeding.

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